This is a reproduction of the original oil painting, MY DELIVERER. A large work created from a powerful image that Kayleen West saw as she was worshiping in church.

It reminds us of God’s power in our lives. He fights on our behalf in the hardest of places when we position ourselves in prayer and a place of peace through worship and trust.

This painting illustrates that in our weakness and vulnerability, we are also covered by the one who strengthens us in the war zone. The Lord is powerful to save and has no problem shattering the plans of the enemy.

My Deliverer illustrates much of the truth of God’s character and promises, especially Psalm 91 and Psalm 64. The painting illustrates both the venerable and strong place we reside in prayer.


About the Artist:
Kayleen is an award winning artist, children’s author, illustrator, furniture designer and creative educator. Her works hang in private and corporate collections around the world including the Australian Embassy in Ireland. Kayleen is a popular and successful furniture artist who also teaches creative inspiration and technique, whilst publishing helpful non-fiction written and video material. Kayleen lives in Melbourne, Victoria.

Since late 2009, Kayleen has worked with several publishers as author and/or illustrator, publishing several books including:

  • Adoptive Father
  • Without Me?
  • Better Than A Superhero
  • Celia and Nonna
  • We Worship God
  • Positively Quote Colouring Book
  • I’m Shining with Light Series (9 book series)