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Christian Referdex Directory
The Christian Referdex Business Directory:
Founded in 1978, The Christian Referdex Business Directory was the go-to place for Australian Christians to find trusted, reputable businesses within the Christian community. For more than 20 years, James Collins, of The Christian Resource Trust, faithfully worked within the Australian business community, building the directory database and distributing the printed hard copy business directories that so many of us came to recognise and benefit from. Jame’s Collins sadly passed late in 2020, after a battle with cancer. Early in 2021, James’ wife, Jayne kindly passed the domain name over to Heath at Local Christian Business Directory.

Local Christian Business Directory: 
The directory is owned and run by Heath Sikkema. Heath is based south-east of Perth in Western Australia. 

Heath is a qualified graphic designer and an experienced website designer. He has a background in sales and marketing, runs a number of ministry websites and online directories. Heath is passionate about helping small businesses thrive and connect with new clients. Heath also runs his own web design business. Heath is married to Anne, who is a teacher and homeschools their 3 children.

Local Christian Business Directory is an online website, used to help the Australian Christian community to connect and network with other Christian businesses, services and ministries.

Is there a printed, hardcopy version of the Christian business directory available? At this point in time, we do not currently print or distribute a printed hard copy version of the directory.