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Kingdom Leadership, Alan Strudwick

Kingdom Leadership

Alan wrote this book in response to the high-volume of requests for practical Kingdom principles that can be applied at work to make a positive difference as Christian leaders in the marketplace.


There are two(2) parts to this question:


1. Can non-Christians use this directory to find trusted businesses and services: Yes, absolutely!

2. Can non-Christians LIST/Advertise their business or services in this Christian Business Directory? As the name of this directory clearly indicates, it is a service that has been set up specifically for the Christian community in Australia. We respectfully ask that if you are not a Christian, that you do NOT LIST your business within this “Christian Business Directory”, in accordance with our terms & conditions. Does everyone within the listed business need to a Christian? No. What do  Christians believe? 

NB. Here is an Australian Business Directory”, that is for everyone right here:  Find it Now Business Directory

Yes. The “Basic Free” package is completely free forever. There is no pressure to upgrade to a paid listing, but the opportunity and additional features and benefits are there for those that are happy to pay for an upgraded package.