Psalms ministry music

“For a considerable number of years I have known Jason Coghill and want to commend him to our churches. He is a gifted musician who has great ability in putting the Psalms to music. In addition he uses his gifts to complement his spirituality and so can speak and sing from the heart of God’s grace. This combination is very important, and through it he can reach young and old in ministry for the Gospel.”
– Revd Dr Allan Harman, Presbyterian Church of Australia, Melbourne.

This ministry is essentially a ministry of the Word of God sung and the Word of God preached. At a typical event, ten or so psalms will be presented. People are encouraged to bring their Bibles and read/sing along. Before each psalm is sung, an explanation is given of a particular point of the psalm, and related to the gospel of Jesus Christ and living the Christian life.

Ministry Of Psalms aims to minister at no cost to those it endeavours to reach. There is no booking/agent or performance fee; music sales and any free will offerings help support us. Travel and any accommodation expenses are shared by the participating Churches/Event Organisers.

There are several albums and MP3 downloads available for purchase on