Christian Birds and Bees Book


“The CHAT is a phenomenal resource! It has helped me frame a shame-free conversation with my son.
I strongly recommend this book for fathers with preteen boys.”

– Nathan Mclean

This tastefully illustrated book is a fantastic resource for that “birds and the bees” talk.

“The Chat” has been written to be read interactively so as to strengthen the bonds between parent and child.

It is a bible-based, children’s book that has been written to help fathers have the all-important ‘sex chat’ with their sons.

The book is split into two sections:

Section 1: The section helps fathers to prepare themselves for the conversation.

Section 2: This section is dedicated to both fathers and sons. It is brilliantly illustrated to engage young boys.

The Chat discusses the pertinent issues of sex, puberty, pornography and gender, from a biblical perspective.

Joel Chelliah

About the Author:
Joel Chelliah is the Senior Pastor of Centrepoint Church, a church that he pioneered with his wife Sharon in 2006.

Joel serves as the State President of the Australian Christian Churches in Western Australia (formerly known as the AOG) and also sits on the ACC National Executive board.

Joel is passionate about families and is widely used to speak to men about their role as husbands and fathers. Joel and Sharon live with their three teenage sons in Perth, Western Australia.

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